Tennis court

Tennis court is for both beginners and professionals of this sport

Tennis is one of the most prestigious and spectacular sports.  Playing tennis can help you to charge with positive energy before working day starting or to rest after it. It gives athletes excellent physical shape, develops endurance, trains willpower, and helps to improve coordination. And, of course, it gives a lot of pleasure and positive emotions.

Tennis is a low injury risk, muscle training, a fun and exciting sport, that can be played any time of the year.

All muscle groups of our body - legs, press, back, arms and even neck - are very actively involved during tennis game.  In addition, training also includes cardio load. At the same time, the cardiovascular and respiratory systems lend themselves to stress, and the player's reaction also develops.

If you are engaged in this sport or want to learn to play, we invite you to spend active time on Glibivka Holiday hotel tennis court