Finnish and steam saunas and hammam from Starpool have a complex therapeutic effect on the whole body and promote deep relaxation of body and mind

Sauna is a leisurely pleasure for gourmets. We have taken into account all the details, so you can get real pleasure from visiting our saunas. It is a guarantee of health and excellent mood. 

Saunas Sweet SPA, Sweet SPA XL, Sweet Steam Pro и Sweet Sauna Pro are unique. They affect the body using the power of natural elements of fire, water, air and earth. Sauna visiting relieves tension, removes toxins, cleanses pores, restores water-mineral balance of the skin and has a beneficial effect on the respiratory functions of the body.

SPA complex Sweet SPA and Sweet SPA XL - steam bath (45-48ºС, 98% — humidity) with a seat heated up to 39ºС . XL size sauna can accommodate up to 4 persons. Sweet SPA operates in 4 modes: relax (relaxation), tonic (toning), purify (purification), excite (impression). It has 2 exotic showers – rain и breeze, built-in hygienic shower, music therapy, chromo and aromatherapy system.

Sweet Steam Pro -  steam bath (45-48ºС, 98% — humidity) with artificial stone seat, built-in shower sets, audio system, chromo and aromatherapy system. It is equipped with transparent facade, that creates a sense of continuity of space and technology of steam supply with healing scent of eucalyptus.

Sweet Sauna Pro - Finnish sauna (80-100ºС, 10-20 % humidity) operates in 4 modes: relax (relaxation), tonic (toning), purify (purification), excite (impression).  It is designed for classic bath procedures and equipped with audio system and chromotherapy with a choice of colors.

SPA hammam Raxul - reproduces the bioclimatic cycle of the Roman bath ritual in one room. It is designed for a wide range of bathing and health-improving, cosmetic and aesthetic procedures, programs and rituals within three basic thermal modes: Tepidarium, Caldarium, Laconium. It has 3 built-in programs for branded SPA rituals: Aromarium, Rasul, Thalassotherapy.

Visiting our saunas will allow you not only to find good health and spirit, but also to feel harmony with the world around you

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