In a noisy crew or a narrow family circle - spend your birthday especially!

 If you want to celebrate your birthday without apron, kitchen fuss and cramped space, piles of dishes, metropolis  rush -  we invite you to celebrate your birthday in Glibivka Holiday hotel.

We offer you many options for your birthday celebration. You can enjoy gourmet cuisine and relax in Maiak Restaurant, lounge in gentle sun on equipped beach, cook your favorite grilled dishes, plunge into variety of our activities or sit on the porch and admire beautiful views. If desired, the hotel animation team will prepare a show program, that will entertain guests and make the celebration more memorable.

Whether you will be proudly alone or with the company of your relatives and loved ones - we are always ready to offer your proper pastime.
Organization of your birthday in Glibivka Holiday hotel allows you to extend the event for several days. All guests can be comfortably accommodated in cozy rooms or cottages.

Birthday in Glibivka -  is a combination of fantastic landscapes, huge selection of entertainment  and the highest level of service. The hotel infrastructure and territory has everything necessary for holding the most original holiday.

Birthday in Glibivka will be remembered  by you and your guests for a long time!

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