We will take into account the specifics of your family banquet and select the appropriate service option

A family celebration will become more exquisite and original, if it is organized in fresh air, among beautiful nature, relatives, close people and friends. 

None of the interior of the city banquet hall can compare with landscapes opening from Maiak restaurant windows. It's a great opportunity to forget about the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy your family share time. You can choose a main restaurant hall, a large terrace, a small terrace and Wardroom. Each of the offered halls is special. Among them you will certainly find one that will perfectly highlight the character of your event.

Also, you can order the organization and service of a family banquet in Glibivka Holiday hotel. The most daring ideas will be realized in the celebration - the banquet will turn out exactly the way you dreamed about.

There are various options for  furniture and seating arrangement in accordance with your desires. 

Maximum number of guests - up to 100 persons.

Celebration is possible until 22:00, after - 2000 UAH paid for each additional hour of the restaurant. 

Loud music, including microphone, until 22:00 only 

Price for additional services