Country Hotel Hlebivka announces a transformational period that awaits us and our guests!

Expansion of the territory, improvement of service, significant rebranding of the complex and restaurants - even more opportunities that we strive to create for a comfortable and pleasant rest of our guests.

Our mission is to occupy the niche of the first folk brand of a country recreation center for the whole family - Glibivka Family park!
While we are working on changes, including work with the site, we ask you to clarify all the current information by calling the reception and administration numbers, which are indicated in contacts.

Glibivka Holiday hotel

We are located near Vyshgorod on the banks of the Kiev Sea in the village of the same name, half an hour from Kyiv. Clean air, pine forest combined with all the benefits of civilization provide a comfortable and unforgettable stay.


Rooms and cottages

In Glibivka Holiday hotel everyone can rent a house or a room for any period of time


European and Ukrainian cuisine

Maiak restaurant is a wonderful place for romantic and family meetings, for organizing various activities and events


Cosmetology and massage

We offer the best equipment, high level of service and Italian quality. Because life is meant to be enjoyed


Corporate events, forums, team buildings, celebrations

We provide comprehensive services for events, coffee breaks, business lunches, buffets and banquets


Active recreation

Active rest improves physical and psychological state, helps to distract from everyday worries, increases work capacity, gives new strength and energy and is simply necessary for a person to live a full life


Territorial plan

When you hover over any building, you will see its name. Click on it to get more detailed information about a structure